« le acque di cielo »

Cielo continues its research work to introduce new colour effects into the bathroom environment. A path of experimentation through which to comprehend the essence and origin of colour, investigate its relationship with nature and interpret its value in ceramic artefacts. Glossy and matt tones. Acque and Terre di Cielo. A new, glossy palette complements the matt colours, creating new ideas and thus new stories.

unexpected aesthetic effects

Maximum creative freedom

infinite possible combinations

The possibilities for interpretation are multiple, from the most sombre and traditional versions to more daring combinations, mixing colours with each other and with other material surfaces such as wood or stone, leather and metals.

The brilliant shades of Acque di Cielo flow over the different elements. Intense, glossy hues enhance the beauty of ceramics.

Prizes and Awards

The company has won numerous international design awards and encompasses those values that distinguish the excellence of Italian "doing" considered as a real reference model in the world; the quality of the design, the selection of the best materials, the attention to detail, the knowledge of craftsmanship and the constant search for harmony between form and function.