Plinio: the discreet luxury of essentiality

Design Andrea Parisio, Guseppe Pezzano. Capable of adapting to different tastes and needs, Plinio is the example of perfect balance of rigorous proportions in harmony with the always winning concept of functionality. The minimal and hyper graphic design of Plinio is emphasized by the countertop or the large wooden drawer inserted at the base of the structure. The extreme attention to detail and the choice of quality materials – such as solid wood or the possibility of enriching the project with handmade accessories – are the elements that characterise the unparalleled quality that has always defined Ceramica Cielo.

Available sizes:
cm 85 x 46 x 82,5 h - NEW!
cm 115 x 46 x 82,5 h - NEW!
cm 140 x 46 x 82,5 h